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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trade Rag Troll – February 15, 2008

(Added quips, brief comments and tidiness Feb 17, 2008)

Four big U.S. newspaper companies set online ad network

Yeah. Good idea. About 10 years ago.

SEMI: Fab spending to dip 15% in 2008

At least. I'd put that closer to 25% before the year is out. There's an awful lot of capacity now. Just wait till utilization starts dropping off at the foundries.

ASE, TSMC, UMC see slow monthly results

Utilization started dropping off at the foundries. That's supposed to happen in January -- not surprising.

DRAM module makers to see negative capex growth in 2008

Memory spending cuts lead to memory module makers cutting spending too. Go figure.

Hynix to Resume Chip Supply to Spot Market

Oh, good. We wouldn't want anyone in the DRAM industry to actually make money selling into spot. More supply, please.

Wii expected to displace Xbox 360 with largest installed base in 2008, says iSuppli

I want a Wii so badly but I can't be trusted with one. I'd never go outside again. Nintendo has reinvented the gaming category with this product.

Apple wants to create a game console

This seems all backwards. You lose money on the hardware and make it back on the software licensing. That's the opposite of the Apple model – they make money on hardware and license their software to no one. However, in content they act as a license manager for all of the major record labels and most of the major movie studios. Maybe they've got great infrastructure to deliver games. It's something to think about.

PSP Phone reference spotted in Sony Magazine

Who the hell reads Sony Magazine? The dorks at Engadget, that's who.

Is there an abrupt change happening to the semiconductor industry cycle?

This is an interesting piece that talks about how there are various cycles within the overall semi cycle. I kind of agree with basic portions of this though I tend to think about tech as having 3 primary drivers – PCs, cell phones and networking equipment. Those tend to drive the rhythm of the group overall. I would guess digital TV winds up on this list at some point.

Taiwan panel makers see mixed sales results in January

To be expected in the post-holiday fade.

Analog IC designers GMT and Ene up 1Q forecasts on strong notebook demand

I'm surprised notebooks have hung in so well for so long. There's secular change there – desktops have been flat-lined for the last few years and all of the growth in the industry has been in notebooks. They tend to have shorter lifecycles than desktops as they're susceptible to being mishandled. I have gone through 4 notebooks since 2002. It's kind of a joke.

Sun preps Infiniband for broad net role

Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) sounds like they're going to have a good product cycle here. It looks cheap.

Cell phone-cancer link claimed by Israeli scientist

I don't imagine this story will be around long as the ientistsay illway isappearday soon.

MacBook Air SSD vs HDD Battery Life Revisted

This says contrary to initial reports, the SSD drive (solid state drive [aka NAND flash drive]) in the Macbook Air does consume less power than a platter-based hard disk drive. That's good because it's also slower than a platter-based drive. So far, anyway.

Ingram CEO On Market Weakness, Dell Managed Services

Nothing new here but some elaboration on the weakness they're seeing this quarter.

EMC's Storage Cloud Emerges

EMC has started laying plans to provide hosting storage services to customers.

VC funds, deals move to solar

At record valuations, just in time for the silicon oversupply coming late this year? Yep, sounds like VC.

Secretive startup's new chip might challenge Intel

No. Intel is a 120 billion dollar market capitalization company with 40 billion in annual sales. These guys don't even have working silicon yet. Or design wins.

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