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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apple (AAPL) 2Q:2008 Results

iPods better at 10.6 mil.

Macs better at 2.86 mil units.

Gross margins a little disappointing.

EPS above the printed mean but probably below the whisper.

Guidance of 7.2 bil and EPS of $1.00 is better than consensus. THATS A BIG DEAL AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE RELEASE. They guide conservatively.

I bought stock at $162.

8:25pm: As John pointed out, I was overexcited here. (Note the caps. God.) I still think the revenue guidance in line with the street is "better" in Apple-speak, but it is sequentially down and the EPS guidance is below consensus. Sorry if I caused you any pain.


john fichthorn said...

I thought the estimates were for 1.11. which would make the guide light. Are my bloomberg numbers wrong? I sold it to you at 162...

Roy Howard said...

Yes. EPS were below consensus. I'll clarify the whole debacle tomorrow. Guidance from the company is typically conservative and below consensus. Revenues were better and that's what I was trying to say was better. I was in a tizzy at the time. It's not really an excuse but it's what happened.

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