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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Creeping longer

NPD data is showing good strength... it appears builds have been decent so far in June. I want to think the soft economy and $5 gas is hurting purchasing... but it's not. It's making me think about what I wrote earlier in the year... about how the PC is probably more recession resistant than we think as it's become an indispensable household tool. In fact, I think in many cases, Google is becoming a memory substitute for people -- at least, for me it is. I don't put as much emphasis on remembering things as I have the eternal crutch of being able to look it up. When I was younger, I used to not put people's numbers in speed dial because I wouldn't remember them if I did. Now I do it without thinking about it. I'm gradually becoming the ghost in the machine, I guess. Wow, hello digression.

I can't get a good handle on corporate but I'm just not seeing much weakness. SOX 378ish I'm going to take a stand... but I'm already leaning long. Bought more NSM today. Got long INTC against an AMD short. Just plain choking on STEC here -- I can't buy anymore, already did that. Long STX, short WDC -- big historical disparity there. Think STX more likely to address the SSD market than WDC. Long a lot of NSM, not sure why it keeps coming in. Chased RIMM after buying it then selling it. AAPL I watched run 10 points (so far) without me. Long AMAT -- doesn't sell off at all when the market does.

Anyway. A bit scattered, but there it is. Want PC to slow but so far no go. Like 'em here. Hoping there's a downside cushion at 378 SOX.

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