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Monday, November 24, 2008

Apple (AAPL) discounts at Best Buy (BBY)

It's totally unheard of for Apple to discount product. Nonetheless, Best Buy is offering $50-150 discounts on Macbooks. They're also running a free $15 itunes card promotion on the skinny new one and discounts on almost every other ipod. It's unclear whether the discounts are driven by Best Buy themselves in some sort of desperate market share grab or by Apple corporate in some sort of desperate market share grab but so far Apple's online store isn't matching their prices (or the itunes card offer).

Macbooks are supposed to be the strongest part of Apple's business right now and to see them on sale is extremely unusual.

Anecdotally, my wife was in an Apple store the other day getting her Powerbook fixed and the genius she spoke to (his official title, I might add) said business has been very slow.


Anonymous said...

The discount is on BBY's side. Apple has never offered discounts at retailers that are not reflected in their own online/retail store. Sounds like BBY is just trying to get some rev.

Roy Howard said...

Yes. Presumably that's right. Apple also doesn't allow any of their vendors to do what Best Buy is doing so it's a curious development. They would need permission to do what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Is this ongoing? Last year they gave $100 off MacBooks and $11 off some iPods on Black Friday. Amazon had some really good deals on MBPros (-$250 on high end), but maybe they take all the help they can get moving those. Of course this year you could go for the shiny new MacBook at $1299 or you could get an iPhone, a netbook, a nice digital camera, an xbox and a year's worth of netflix, one of those subcription digital picture frames that downloads new pics of the baby for mom, a bottle of 18yo scotch for dad, and still have enough for dinner at Grimaldi's and a Cuisenart for the wife.

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