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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple (AAPL) builds improving

Barclays indicates Apple builds are up substantially for the June quarter and predicts a new iPhone AND some kind of Supertouch tablet.

Fechtor Detweiler, known for their semiconductor research, says iPhone builds are up dramatically from 4m units last week to over 8m units this week.  They speculate Apple may have signed China Unicom as a carrier.

Yesterday, Apple held a big hoopla event around iPhone 3.0, the latest software build.  As iPhone 1.0 went on the first iPhone, 2.0 went on the 3G version, clearly 3.0 will go on the latest iteration.   Expect the new phone to be released in early summer.

NPD data for the month of February looked pretty poor frankly.  Macs and iPods look toward the lower end of estimates.  The company refreshed a number of product lines in early March and speculation is sales will rebound on the strength of new products.

The new shuffle looks very cool but internet backlash is strong.  It doesn’t take a regular headphone port without a $30 adapter – that’s half the price of the device itself.

Technically, Apple (AAPL) acts great.  It’s passed through every line of potential resistance so far.

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