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Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama does Leno & 60 Minutes and Geithner opines for the WSJ

Politicians are the new celebrati.  Getting in front of the media is smart.  I don’t know that showing the American people a $5000 swing set for the First Children was the brightest move on Obama’s part… and when he said that the only thing less popular than bailing out banks was bailing out the auto companies, he laughed… and so did I.  My guess is some are going to find his laughter distasteful.  It sounds like he intends to veto the AIG tax.  Obama said if Geithner tried to resign that he wouldn’t accept it.

The takeaway from the 60 Minutes interview is Obama is a very intelligent, thoughtful man who is working against a lot of adversity.  He probably has a lot to learn every single day – the problems facing the financial markets alone are probably mind-bending at his level – there are pressures from all sides on how to handle it.  Everyone has an opinion that serves their own interest and he’s trying to run the gauntlet.

Obama on Leno:

Obama on 60 Minutes:

And Geithner’s opinion (plea?) in the Wall Street Journal.

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