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Friday, February 1, 2008

First takeover bid for Yahoo

Microsoft bids $31 a share for Yahoo. In months past, they were a rumored suitor... at much higher prices. Semel also stepped down from the board. I doubt Yahoo goes to the first bid. It's a valuable media property with a stagnant market share. There have to be other parties interested in it.

Though fundamentals stink, the stock is going to have a bid underneath and I would be shocked if investors don't speculate about other suitors or even a sweeter Microsoft bid.

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GideonBlaze said...

Neither MS nor Yahoo! have the mgmt to make the merger work. Maybe Facebook or Amazon should buy Yahoo! and MSN together. It's all about the ad biz (monetization) w/ search to support that and email (because it's the biggest, stickiest part of both services). If Facebook or Amazon had those components (currently missing from both their businesses), w/ their management acumen, maybe they could take on Google.

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