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Monday, July 7, 2008

Microsoft (MSFT) is the greatest chess player of all time

I never really knew this about them but wow, can they play those pawns.

The company is now saying they'd talk to a board ex-Yang and co. This will help Icahn's slate greatly in the upcoming board elections.

People will start to assume that Microsoft buying the company is a done deal. And Microsoft will likely get a board that will serve their needs and need their serves -- a motley crew of henchmen that have only one business plan -- sell to Microsoft.

This will be great for Microsoft in that they'll get to pick and choose which parts of Yahoo they want. The board will be stuck and subject to Microsoft's whims. The new board also will not likely be able to value the business properly.

This might be good for Yahoo stock but it's terrible for the company. They don't seem to see the checkmate looming in the next few moves.

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