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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Roundup – May 5, 2009

DRAM contract prices ticked up 5% pretty much across the board for the first half of May.  No update was posted for NAND contract.  (  Due to spot cutbacks by Elpida and Powerchip, contract prices could rise 10-15% in aggregate for the month of May.  (

LCD contract prices were 2-5% higher for the first half of May.  Notebook panels in 14 and 15” and 17” monitor prices were at the higher end of these hikes, large form factor TVs were at the lower end.  (  Display product vendors are eyeing the higher prices and increased supply warily due to limited third quarter demand indications.  (

Intel’s Atom chipset, for the netbook segment, is selling very well in China.  Too well for Intel’s taste.  Chinese white box manufacturers have been stripping out features to break the $400-500 netbook price Intel and the industry would like to enjoy.  Two of Taiwan’s largest IC distributors estimate this month’s Atom supply will fall short by 500k units.  (

Yahoo and Microsoft continue to try to negotiate a mutually beneficial search agreement.  Progress has been “meaningful.”  (

When Sentinel Management, a $1.4 billion dollar hedge fund, lost $900 mil, it froze withdrawals and drew the scrutiny of the SEC.  They told investors they were buying liquid commercial paper when they were actually buying 30 year non-investment graded instruments.  Why?  The best seats in the house and lap dances.  (

This one goes to eleven:  spy photos of Amazon’s new Kindle.  For a limited time includes streaming live feed of dying newspapers.  (

10 out of 19 banks subjected to the stress test will need to raise more capital.  (

AIG has borrowed enough money to lose… for now.  (

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