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Monday, May 11, 2009

Roundup -- May 11, 2009


NAND contract pricing up 0-12% according to  The chart they posted of 16gb MLC NAND flash contract is pretty misleading.


Here’s the chart zoomed out to put it into some context:


NAND pricing is definitively better over the last several months but their chart misleads by only showing the recent uptrend.


Taiwan Semiconductor is considering a foray into solar panels.


When an advertising company needs to resort to advertising, there may be trouble.  Google is planning a blitz to promote Chrome, their speedy browser.  Uhm – what’s wrong with a web campaign?  What’s the message here, fellas?


Playboy has a really bad idea for an online porn game.


SNL on the stress test results:

I keep meaning to write something up about the stress tests but they seem so bogus I don’t want to lower myself to respond to them.  It’s worth pointing out the WSJ reports the government succumbed to pressure from banks to understate bank vulnerabilities to stress – which begs the question:  what was the point besides to hoodwink investors?

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