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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apple (AAPL) summary

Ok, so what'd we get.

The iPhone software development kit (SDK) will be available in beta immediately. The iPhone will get enterprise connectivity via Microsoft Exchange (push email, contacts, calendar) and network security in June, commensurate with the iPhone 2.0 release. The software platform shift from 1.xx to 2.0 makes me think we'll be getting 3G phones in June also but I'm reading between lines there. It might be September.

They showed an application store and a pricing plan for developers -- 70% of the revenue goes to the developer. There's a $99 fee to submit programs. Anyone can download the development kit.

The games looked pretty cool -- the motion sensing technology in the iPhone lets it be used in 3 dimensions like a wii controller -- tilting the phone causes motion in the game. Nice. I think Immersion (IMMR) has a chip designed in the phone. I'm curious how much space these games take up as most iPhones only have an unexpandable 8 gigs of memory to hold pictures, music, calendar, contacts, email and now applications.

The stock sets up to be bought sometime in the June quarter but the possibility of disappointment in the March quarter keeps me sidelined. I think its still likely to bleed between now and results.

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