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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why is Intel so weak in NAND? Because of Apple.

Intel's NAND JV with Micron, IM Flash, has been extremely reliant on Apple -- I think as much as 50% of the JV's output has gone there. The massive reduction in Apple's iPod forecast is affecting them... it's unclear whether this is incremental weakness as Apple's problems became apparent after Intel had already given guidance. It certainly doesn't signify any kind of iPod bounce.

Speaking of Apple, they're rolling the developers' kit today for the iPhone. I'm interested to see how much freedom they give to developers to actually tap into the robust hardware platform of the iPhone.

[Correction, 12:05am, 3/5/08 -- They did not roll the developers kit today. They're having a "software event" on Thursday to do that. They had their analyst meeting today. I'll probably do a piece on it tomorrow... er... later today if time permits.]

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