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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

iPhone heading for the enterprise?

I don't know how successful this software developers kit will wind up being. I'm discouraged that Jobs keeps saying flash player sucks while iPhone users keep begging for a flash player. Like it or not, Jobs, flash has become an internet operating system standard... and its an opportunity to distinguish your phone from the rest of the pack. Flash mobility is rare and could be a breakout application to sell into that webby cult of artistes you call the Mac base. Unless you've got some other way to port flash to the iPhone, you're making a big mistake denying it to the base. If it's too big and slow, that's fine, let the end user make that decision. Wow, I feel ironically like I'm hurling stones at a tyrant with this Jobs ranting.

The iPhone does document rendering beautifully -- you really see the page just as it is. Unfortunately, the 8x11 paper standard makes everything look so tiny and far away on the iPhone screen that you have to spend 10 minutes squishing and unsquishing the document to get it to fit the screen just so. Fun at first, annoying as hell shortly thereafter.

I tried many times to defect from the Blackberry -- first to the Motorola Q (sad, I know) and then to the Treo. Neither of them worked very well or kicked the emails through instantaneously like the Blackberry does. I always had to go back. The iPhone push email through Yahoo was real push email. And it worked really well. I imagine they're going to have bridges to corporate email in the future. They've said they're going to have some enterprise solutions tomorrow.

I think RIMM could see a little near-term turbulence going into the Apple meeting. I'm likely to suggest buying the stock on weakness but I'll wait to see what Apple actually announces. No hurry.

On an almost related note, my wife is at the Apple store right now for her 9:50 Genius Bar appointment to have her iPhone repaired. The top half of the screen is completely dead to the touch.

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