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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big tech merger speculation abounds at ZDNet

At least in the mind of one Jason Hiner, who posits seven potential tech mergers in 2009.

They are as follows:

7. AAPL for ADBE

This story is older than dirt.

6. ORCL for CRM

I’ve heard this one before also.

5. GOOG for Skype

Doesn’t Google have enough businesses that don’t make much money?  They just did a big refresh of Google Voice and Grand Central, their full service voice offering, is still in a kind of premium beta.  Seems doubtful.

4. MSFT for PALM

Pre has great buzz.  Microsoft hasn’t attacked the phone market with more than operating systems – and they probably don’t make much doing it.  It’s certainly a market they would want to try to expand in.

3. IBM for RHT

Could happen but why hasn’t it?

2. CSCO for VMW

Let’s see how those new Cisco servers sell first.

1. DELL/EMC merge

Dell never buys hardware companies.  They sign reseller agreements (LXK, EMC) to bloat revenue and attach service contracts.  IBM would make more sense.

All in all, not that helpful an article.

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