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Thursday, April 23, 2009

FT provides list of REITs to short from underwriters ( #REITS $UDR $AEC $CPT $HME $HCP $AVB )

Typically its illegal to short a stock once a secondary has been announced by the underwriter.  Theoretically the stocks mentioned in this article would make good shorts in front of the deal announcements provided you could cover on the deal.  Of course, once the companies get the deals done, the stocks explode higher, because the near-term liquidity risk goes away.

As what I’m saying here is such conventional knowledge, and the list of names in this article are significantly lower class than the primary REITs that have already done deals, my guess is we’re going to have a company that can’t get a deal done and it’s probably one of the companies in this article.  There simply can’t be that much money willing to go into equity in illiquid assets… barring the several trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, that is.

No REIT positions.

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