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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roundup – April 23, 2009 ( $INTC $BAC $C #MARKET #SEMIS $SNDK $AAPL )

Regulators are set to meet with bank executives on Friday to reveal preliminary results of the stress tests.  Expect results to leak quickly.  More from Mish.

The FDIC is still the biggest bluff ever.

Margins in the semiconductor test business are rolling over even as rush orders dominate demand.

WPG Holdings received some iPhone power management IC orders.  According to that Digitimes chart a couple of weeks ago, Infineon and NXP had that design previously.

DRAM spot up another 6% overnight.  NAND spot up a more modest 2%.  NAND contract for 2H April posted to DRAMexchange up 10-12% (I posted it Monday), so expect analysts to start commenting on it and pushing Sandisk as a beneficiary.

Intel on sale.  SSD prices are slated for cuts.  Dual and quad core processor prices were cut earlier this week.

I still don’t understand how Steve Jobs says he didn’t understand the accounting ramifications of backdating with a straight face.  Neither does Forbes Magazine.  The guy was weaned on silicon.  He knew.

Do you really want people to know what you watch on Youtube and when you’re doing it?  Somehow I doubt it.

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