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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Netbooks crushing competition, pricing, demand

I haven't talked much about netbooks. They're dinky but totally useful. I have one. It's the greatest telecommuter product ever -- it weighs 3 lbs, has a 5 hour battery and runs all my market software. They're completely swamping the PC market.

Here's Amazon's top selling list. I hope that link works. Anyway. On the list are 6 dozen netbook configurations priced at $500 tops and some Macs. That's. it. There's one low end Toshiba laptop on it that's not a netbook. It's a very scary picture for the top lines of companies like Dell and HP who are also rans in the netbook market. The Dell mini is fine but trust me, people aren't spending $300 on 4 year service contracts with a $400 computer. The success of these products is detrimental to upselling service and extras, which is a vital component of growth.

Still negative on HP and Dell.


nettleman said... rates the "Acer Aspire One" as the best netbook available. The unit they reviewed was 350 and runs XP. You can go with Linux and a 6 cell (vs 3 cell) battery for about the same price.

Roy Howard said...

I went w/ the MSI Wind because I found the Aspire One mouse kinda weird (side buttons) and the Wind has a 10" screen and bluetooth. It cost a little more, maybe $499.

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